The world has changed. The universe. The Astral Plane.

Gods sleep, angels keep watch. Men stirr and the darkness grows.

Welcome To Ravenloft.

I present to you in all it’s Technicolour, Organic, 100% Offical, glory…

Knights Of The Night

A Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Campaign.

The Current Party (weighing in at 5 4 6? members:

  • Sareed Daksha, Angsty priest
  • Thimbletwip Pepperwit, Professional Child abuser
  • Lyanna Ironwood, badass ranger with a goddess given arm
  • Tris Woodsheart, Drunk and disorderly (well that’s fucking accurate) Deceased
  • Elorin Cooper/Headsman, Avenger of The Raven Queen / coolest character ever Deceased
  • Saura Hikari, Token Asian
  • Felix Woodsheart, Bedwetter Extraordinaire
  • Pegaleina Pipkin, Hippy
  • Rebeka Relentna, Eragon – Recurring Character

Knights Of The Night

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